Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby! Here are just 39 reasons I love him so!

1. His smile. He has a 100 different smiles. His happy to see me smile. His happy to see his friends smile. His satisfied smile. His silly smile. His I'm being naughty smile.
2. His hands. He's got such soft strong hands!
3. His honesty. Sometimes I don't like hearing the truth but I appreciate knowing that I can get the truth.
4. His support. He unfailing supports me in every decision.
5. His love of games. Growing up I never had anyone to play games with. He loves board games as well as video games! We have a lot of fun playing games.
6. His love of books. We don't always read the same books but he reads just as much as I do.
7. His love of movies. He adores movies and loves to talk about movies.
8. He's a great friend. He adores his friends. He'll do anything for them!
9. He's practical. He's got that right brain thinking going for him. I tend to be a little loosey goosey but he's all business. Sometimes.
10. He can be so silly. I love his sense of humor and his sense of playfulness.
11. He calms me down. Just. Like. That.
12. He has his own interests. Sometimes he wishes I would like to do some of the same things like role playing but he's happy with the group he plays with and understands that's his thing.
13.He loves food just as much as I do. He's exposed me to so many delightful foods. And it's ok if I don't like something. He'll eat it :)
14.He's generous. Whatever I want (within reason) I can have. Even if it's his food! He's like that his friends too.
15. Animals adore him. Cats, dogs all flock to him. He's like the animal whisperer!
16. He loves to sing. It's so cute. He sings to me all the time!
17. He cares about people.
18. He makes friends easily.
19. He's sexy!
20. He's constantly helping me improve myself.
21. His big strong arms.
22. He's a good listener.
23. He loves to dance!
24. He can make me laugh. Sometimes he does things just to make me laugh.
25. That he trusts me completely.
26. He does little things just to make me happy.
27. He empties the dishwasher, the trash and the recycling for me.
28. He finds Youtube vidoes he thinks I'll like.
29. He watches my favorite shows with me even he doesn't think he'll like them.
30. He monitors what I post on facebook and comments on them.
31. He won't answer the phone if we are talking or doing something important.
32. He makes me feel special. And not short bus special. Sparkly girlie special.
33. He's a geek just like I am.
34. The cute little noises he makes when he sleeps!
35. His mind reading abilities.
36. He'll cook if I ask really nicely.
37. His vast knowledge of movie quotes.
38. The little dances he does just to make me laugh.
39. That's he's all mine!

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  1. Happy Birthday. Does this mean you can plan the super embarassing party for next year?

  2. Awwww. What a list!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Silly Little Mischief! Hope you have a great day!

  3. #11 is the best!

    Happy birthday and enjoy!


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