Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Dresses

Despite the fact that it snowed here last week, I'm looking forward to warm weather and pretty dresses. I'm longing to get a pedicure and wear my sandals!
Spring Dresses 09
Spring Dresses 09 - by honeylin on
Oh, spring hurry up!


  1. We have a high of 74 today! Why does this only happen in the week? Come Saturday it's supposed to rain and back down to 30s.

  2. It'll be 80 here this weekend. Yay! Oh and it snowed on Monday.

    From snow to 80 in onw week. Yay NC Weather!

  3. I cannot wait for spring and I love your dress choices. The floral dresses and the pink one are so cute!

  4. I'm so with you. I rarely wear skirts/dresses in the winter because I hate being cold, and I hate pantyhose. However, I *love* cute spring/summer dresses and skirts and sandals! Bring it on! :)

  5. Pretty cool selection of those spring dresses... Yellow printed dress is just fabulous!!


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