Monday, March 2, 2009

Linda's Closet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning my closet fills me with fear. I never set aside a day to clean out my closet. Trying on all my clothes and making decisions on what goes and what stays is too nerve racking for me. I prefer to do a little at a time. I keep a bag in my closet for things that should go to the Goodwill. That way when I find a shirt I'm no longer wearing I can just toss it in the bag rather than waiting for some huge cleaning day. When the bag is full I just take to the Goodwill and get another bag.
Keeping it small lets me find holes in my wardrobe and fill them slowly rather than having to go out and buy a ton of clothes. Cause that's what happens. You clean out your closet and discover you have nothing to wear so you run to the store to buy more. But now I don't do that. I get rid of a couple of shirts and see how many more I need. Perhaps I need more long sleeved so I just buy those. So much easier for me.
What about you? What are your secrets for keeping your closet manageable?


  1. That's a good idea. Our stash for good will is under the TV stand right now.

    I'm usually pretty good at getting rid of things but my husband clings to stuff like an old lady. I refuse to go anywhere near his computer for fear of all the papers rising up and trying to eat me.

  2. My closet is completely unmanageable, therefore my only secret is to steal space in my boyfriend's closet without him knowing. When the dry cleaning comes in, I put it all in his (because it's mostly his work stuff), and then leave my dry cleaning and sneak my unseasonal clothes in behind it. He never notices!

  3. That's a really great tip. I try to take on too much at one time and get overwhelmed.

    I usually change things around twice a year with the seasons, but it's a lot of work!

  4. I like the idea of keeping a bag in the closetfor Goodwill, but I start second guessing myself and I would dip back into the bag. I have to do it in one fell swoop or I'm screwed!

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