Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekly Geek-Book Quotes #6

"Writers should be read, but neither seen nor heard."Daphne Du Maurier

Have you ever gone to see an author? I've seen a couple. I saw Candace Bushnell a few years ago when she was promoting Lipstick Jungle. She was just like I thought she'd be. I remember her showing off her Prada shoes! I also saw Rick Bragg when he was promoting All Over But the Shouting. He was an excellent author to see. He was funny and interesting. Just like his books.
I'd love to see JK Rowling or Jodi Picoult. I enjoy both of them so I think they would be interesting to hear.
What about you? Have you seen any authors or what authors would want to see?

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  1. This weekend was the first ever Tucson Festival of Books...and guess what? We were out of town! Over 50 authors...and we missed the whole thing. Bummer. I've seen a few authors, to me itis always like seeing a radio personalities picture. Not always what you expect!


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