Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Vegas Bits

It's too much for me to recap the entire trip by day so I'll just touch on the highlights.

*I really liked the MGM Grand. It was a great choice. It was centrally located to everything we wanted.
*Cabs are expensive. We bought a 3 day monorail pass which was wonderful. We zoomed up and down the strip! It was also fun since the monorail goes behind the hotels. It was like seeing the movie sets in Hollywood.
*16 different kinds of soda is hard to drink in one sitting.

We tried the around the world sampler at the Coke store. I think the Red Flash was my favorite. Tai loved the Lift Apple. We both hated Beverly from Italy. But it was fun. Tai really wanted to try the float sampler but I knew that much dairy would leave him dying!
*Tigers are pretty.
I really enjoyed getting to see them everyday. Such beautiful majestic creatures.
*Sadly we didn't get to see any shows. We would have liked that.
*We ate some amazing food which I'll recap in a different post.
*The wedding was wonderful. I'll post pics of that later in the week!


  1. Awesome! Never been to Vegas, but the soda sampler may just get me there!

  2. Man that much pop in one sitting. My stomach would explode.

  3. Glad you had a nice time! I wish I knew about the monorail when I was there.

  4. 16 kinds of soda? Holy moley, that's awesome.

    Those lions/tigers are also pretty cool.


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