Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kitchen Storage

Our kitchen is tiny. Well it's small. Smaller than I would like. Counter space is a definite issue. We're wasting a lot right now. we've been buying things in bulk to save some money. Some things are easy to store, but not a 25 lb bag of rice. I had a couple of containers but they didn't fit nearly enough rice to make them useful and the took up too much space. So I'm on the hunt for more appropriate storage options.
Canisters - by honeylin on Polyvore.com
Containers that look good and are functional. I don't think there is a one size fits all approach to this. A good container for rice might not work for coffee (5lb bag anyone?). I love the one with the spoon. Makes me want to use it for sugar.
Any good bulk storage solutions out there?


  1. 25lbs of rice. I'm getting flash backs to my old days of swinging around bags of dog food and kitty litter.

    Sadly I have no storage options aside from a rubbermaid tote. I remember we had a horrible time trying to find our few to just hold Flour, Sugar and Pasta.

  2. I like the containers that you use to store cereal. You know, the one with the little flap at the top. We bought one at Wal-Mart that holds a big, big box of cheerios.

  3. I also really like the cereal ones. But I have also had a very hard time finding ones that are big and cute (like for the counters etc.). I really love your polyvore board of this - let us know what you decide on. :)


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