Thursday, March 19, 2009

Best Food Ever!

Vegas is like a movie. It can be all about sex or partying or gambling or shopping. For me Vegas is about food. I love food and for me Vegas is the one of the best places to go.
I do love the buffets. We hit buffets at the Paris, MGM Grand, and the Circus Circus. I love the food at the Paris. Although the wait was so long (Sunday bunch) the wait staff and the food made up for it. We hit the MGM Grand twice, once for dinner and once for breakfast. Breakfast wasn't all that. Dinner was so much better with the crab legs. The Circus Circus was ok. We got there at the tail end of breakfast and the beginning of lunch. The food was alright. Nothing super yummy. But the price was right. At $10.50 each, it was the cheapest buffet we tried.
But there was one special meal we had planned. I had read about Pampas Churrascaria a few months ago. I was intrigued. I'd never been to a churrascaria, but it sounded up my alley. I found a $25 gift certificate on It was a wonderful experience. We went with the surf and turf option.
First was the salad/grilled veggie bar. Here's my plate:
Here's Tai's plate:
They bring out the plate of seafood:
Then here's 5 of the 11 types of meat:Tai wanted to get all 11 before I took the picture but I felt bad for making him wait. So they walk around carving meat off the spit when you ask. The meat was so fresh and delicious. The seafood was delicious. I loved the salmon. Tai thought it was a little salty. The shrimp was so yummy especially dipped in the melted butter.
It was an expensive meal. The most expensive meal we had on our trip but so worth it.


  1. That all looks yummmm. I love churrascaria, and it's probably best for my health that there aren't any within driving distance of where I live now! Thanks for your comment, I think I'm coming to realize that Seattle just might be the best place ever. I need to plan a scouting trip :)

  2. Vegas has the BEST food. I have never eaten at Paris' buffet, but I've heard it's one of the best, especially their breakfast.


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