Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Geek-Book Quotes #7

"Good children's literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child." Anonymous

I adored reading as a child. I loved Shel Silverstein. Ever go back and read a beloved children's book as an adult? It's well worth it. I read Where The Sidewalk Ends a few years ago and it was just as good as I remembered. Sometimes I also read Where The Wild Things Are and Harold and The Purple Crayon. Both make me laugh and feel like a kid.
What about you? Read any children's books lately?


  1. I have no qualms with picking up a good childs book. Frankly I wished I'd had some of these classics when I was growing up and I really hate some of the stuff that is spoon fed kids now because it's assumed they won't understand.

    I love Terry Pratchett's kids books which are written just like his adult ones, the only difference is the protagonist is a kid.

    I'm tempted to get Oscar Wildes Fairy Tales as well after reading a couple.

  2. I did a little bit of Shel Silverstein reading right before the wedding. It was good stress relief I think.

  3. I read to my kids all the time. When I read them books that I read as a child, i have those same warm feelings, only better in sharing it with them.

    Thanks for your comment the other day on the Global Food Crisis post - we made it to 127 comments!

  4. I love the "Series of Unfortunate Events" which came out much past my childhood. Harry Potter series too. My favorite "children's" authors are Madeline L'engle books, Lewis Carroll and I still love me some Judy Blum. Like blablover, there are books I wish would have reached me in childhood, but I was so quick to jump into Adult literature, I skipped over some.


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