Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekly Geek-Book Quotes #3

"The reason a writer writes a book is to forget a book and the reason a reader reads one to remember it." Thomas Wolfe

I remember a lot of books fondly. Some I read over and over again. Some I just like to remember. Like the Harry Potter series. I adore the books. But I rarely read them over and over again. I doubt I'll read Twilight again but I do think about it sometimes. I loved East of Eden but I haven't read it since the first time.
What books stick with you after reading?


  1. Ian McEwan is my favorite author, you could read all his books back to back and not get tired, cause they are all SO different. His books stick with me, his characters and insights. "the amazing adventures of Kavelier and Clay" has stuck with me. Any book, where I feel like the character(s) is my friend...those stick.

  2. I think for me a book sticks with me when I really don't want to leave the world. When I want to be able to walk around and look at things on my own.

    I have so many random books that I always want to re-read and can't put down I fear this comment would extend onto the horizon.

  3. I love your quote. It is so very true. I love your blog's very pretty. I'll come back again to visit :)


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