Friday, June 27, 2008

And the Bride Wore a Black Brace

So for the past week or so my right wrist has been aching. I wasn't able to put pressure on it. Tai massaged it but suggested I go to a doctor to make sure it wasn't carpal tunnel. I kept calling it wedding related carpal tunnel. But I agreed and went to get it checked out.
No carpal tunnel but I do have tendinitis. So I have to wear this:
For the next 3 weeks. I told the doctor there is no way I'm wearing this to my wedding. She mentioned I might be able to find it in white. I laughed, like hell, I'm going to wear this thing at my wedding.
It is a PITA to wear. I'm so limited in what I can do. Writing is really hard. I'm able to type fine though. I'm definitely not wearing to my bachelorette tomorrow. But it is helping, my wrist does feel better.
I do blame all the craft projects for this though.


  1. That sucks! I hope that you can finish all of your projects!

    I am so bad about taking medicine when I'm told you, but if they told you to make it for 7 days even if it doesn't hurt, do it. It works miracles when my tendonitis flares up.

    Feel better soon!

  2. I have tendonitis in my wrist is well. My long as you can sleep with it on, it'll do a world of wonder. I still sleep with my brace on a few nights a week. Although my doctor advised me that if I didn't wear my brace regularly (at least those first few weeks) they would put me in a permanent cast! My brace, btw, is purple! :) Crafting does take its toll! Good luck!

  3. Hopefully you get better soon, and wearing the brace for now will make your wrist feel great for your wedding.


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