Sunday, June 8, 2008

Six Week Freakout

Actually we just passed the 6 week mark, but I was too busy freaking out to write the post til now. Well, I had planned to freak out yesterday but it never really happened. I did sit down and write the master list of things to do before the wedding.
The most important ones are my dress, the rings, and the marriage license. I took my dress to be altered the other day. I had a little disagreement with the seamstress. Honestly she wasn't listening to me, so I need a new seamstress. I also need to loose a couple of pounds for the dress to fit comfortably. So the dress is a little source of stress.
I think we decided on the rings. I had to look a hundreds of rings before finding 6 for us to choose from. I hope to order them today or tomorrow.
In order to get our marriage license we need to go in person to the court house to get our license. The problem is that it's only during business hours. Hopefully Tai can take a couple of hours off work sometime in the next month so we can do that.
Plus the other hundred things that I need to do (paper products, favors, reserve transportation and hotel recommendations, etc) equals a little bit of stress. I made a comprehensive list on Google Documents. But do you know another way to keep on track and stay organized?


  1. I use Remember The Milk. You can use twitter to text things to do to yourself as you think of them. You can create an endless amount of lists. You can set due dates and have Remember The Milk text you about your items. You can add tags to things. Basically you can do pretty much anything. I can't get enough!

  2. I just have a gigantic spreadsheet that I use to keep track of absolutely everything. It has tabs for Wedding Budget (itemized down to every last expense), Honeymoon Budget, Calendar, To Do, DIY (listing all the projects needed for the wedding, and shopping lists for each project), Options (for vendors I haven't selected yet), Catering (has a breakdown of all the food), Rentals (breakdown of everything we're renting), Guest List (with names, addresses, phone numbers, expected number of guests, and RSVP'd number of guests), and Music (to put togther our Zune playlist for the evening). It started out as such a small Excel file, but it's grown into a monstrosity.


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