Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Must Take Photos: The Married Couple

I don't want stiff photos of Tai and I on our wedding day. I think the days of stiff photos are making way for more interesting and relaxed pictures.From Jacque Lynn. Think I can convince Tai to lie on the grass with me. I'd probably be too afraid to do this before the reception.
From S1 Photography. I love the lighting of this one. Very romantic.
From F8 Studio. I love this quirky one. It make you smile when you are old.
From Steve Depino Photography. I think this one should be easy to do with a red barn.
From Alison Rose Photography. Another quirky one. She looks like a fun person and he looks like he really loves her. Love how you can assume that from a photo.

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  1. These photos are pretty cute!! I definitely will be taking some quirky ones at my wedding. We are even going out with our photographer the day after so we can get some cool shots (like the first one) without fear of dirt or keeping people waiting.

    Hope the freak out has passed!! It'll all get done, and it will happen.


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