Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Four Things About Tai

Ok, I was tagged by Jennifer to do this meme about my future hubby (I giggle when I think of him as my husband. It sounds so odd to me.)

1. Tai is extremely generous. He tips more than 20% unless the service was horrible. He's always there for his friends. He buys me treats just because he knows I'll like them. If he has anything you need, he'll gladly share.
2. He knows more about movies than I do which is impressive. We play a game during movies and tv shows. We try to name what other movies/shows certain actors have been in before. The goal is to beat the other one to the best one. Imdb is a great resource and proves who is right or wrong.
3. He loves to eat and loves good food. He is the perfect dining companion. We rarely order the same thing. We share food and love to find new things to try. He's definitely broadened my food horizons.
4. He's practical in a way that I'm not. He encourages me to conserve rather than waste. His ideas, while often opposite of mine, are sometimes better than mine. I tend to get too focused but he brings a fresh perspective. Especially with the wedding. He'll explore other options I hadn't thought about.
Ok, so I'll tag Jessica Lynn and Linda (who can tell us about Mr Planner!).

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  1. Wow, I love #2. I need to hang out with y'all more often. I totally do that, name actors and other movies that they've been in, but it drives Dave CRAZY. There have been times that I've had to literally dig my fingernails into my own leg to keep myself from doing the, "Hey, that was the guy that did such-and-such!" thing.


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