Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Check Off the Cake!

Saturday Tai and I went to a local Asian bakery to look at the selection. We decided on the Asian bakery because we like their selection. When we walked in and talked to the guy at the counter about cakes for our wedding. He asked us to wait to talk to another woman about ordering cakes. As soon as she heard wedding is pointed to this cake:I'm so sorry if this is your cake. It's not my style and it doesn't match our wedding at all. I started to explain this to the woman, but she started telling me about the different colors the cake could come in and they could match our wedding colors. She couldn't grasp that we didn't want this cake. Finally Tai explained to her that we wanted several different little cakes instead. So we ordered 8 cakes-tiramisu, swiss chocolate, fresh fruit, and black forest- 2 of each. We'll also order some vegan, gluten free cupcakes for those with allergies.
I'm pretty glad to have this checked off. Plus I think we'll be thrilled with the results.


  1. I was very confused by the picture. I was pretty sure that wasn't your style! I love the idea of mini cakes, then everyone can have soemthing they like!

  2. Yeah that is so not a cake I'd be into either.

    Though yours sound really tasty. I just realized I don't think I've ever had tiramisu.

  3. Yes, I got my cake ordered and out of the way too. I like the idea of several different cakes!! But fiancee wanted more of the traditional one-big-cake.


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