Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Not The Anti-Bride

I saw this article on She Weds the other day, so I of course rushed over to read it. I try to do things unconventionally but I pretty much fit the mold of the a bride.
You need to be convinced to have a wedding-ha! I had to convince Tai to have a wedding. He really wanted to keep it low key (since it's his second and all). I think we managed to keep it low key so far.
Bridal boutiques give you the creeps- I love bridal salons. So much in fact I keep finding some for Kris to go to so I can go with her! Hello? I love clothes! Pretty dresses, of course! Some of the people that work at them give me the creeps though.
You don't believe that the wedding is "all about the bride."-Ok, I think this is the only one I agree with. I make sure that I talk about our wedding, not my wedding. Tai's opinion is very important in the process so I never lose sight of that. Of course there's also our family and friends who play a huge part of the wedding process.
You let your bridal party decide what to wear-Yeah, I sort of did. I am coming in with more "guidance" as the big day gets closer.
Save the dates. What save the dates? Party favors. What party favors?-Ha. I'm all over all those little knottie must haves! Save the dates-done and custom made by yours truly. Favors? Been bought just have to try ribbons! Bathroom baskets? Of course.
You'd rather go for a hike than have a bachelorette party.-I've been looking forward to my bachelorette since I was 21. Way back in the day I used to be quite the club goer. And I love to dance. Sadly I've gotten old and the traditionally bachelorette party is too much for me. But we're still having one.
You opt for nontraditional wedding invitations-Yeah ours are pretty traditional.
You fight tooth and nail not to have a bridal shower-For me it wasn't about being the center of attention. It's part of the experience of being a bride. I've never done this before and I don't plan on doing it again. I wanted the whole package!
You don't own anything resembling a wedding planner-Ok, I don't have a wedding planner. I have one expandable file folder where I have all our contracts and important wedding documents.
You only need a few months to get your act together-Sorry, we needed the full 14 months of engagement. Not only to plan everything but to get the cash to pay for everything!
Thanks, Jennifer for sharing that article. I wouldn't have ever seen it. And I guess I can't call myself and anti-bride!


  1. I probably fall somewhere in the middle on this...

    Incidentally, I was very anti-shower, until people started offering to throw me one. Then I was all, "ooh, presents!" ;)

  2. I answer about all of those but the last one. I love having a good lone time to plan this wedding so it doesn't have to be all wedding all the time.

  3. Wow, I guess I really was the Anti-Bride, because the only thing on that list that doesn't apply to me was that I had to be convinced to have a wedding. I knew I wanted one, but I wanted it small, and that's exactly what I got.

    But Kris had to coerce me into the shower and bachelorette party, because I did NOT want that. (Somehow I got away with not having a baby shower. I guess people know not to badger the giant hormonal lady.) I didn't do save-the-dates or party favors or any of that, and the whole thing was done in about 11 weeks from start to finish. So, yeah. I was an anti-bride. I always knew I was a rebel. :-)


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