Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Great Wedding Ring Debacle

I swear these rings are going to be the death of me. (Yes as I get closer to the big day, I will get more dramatic). Sit a spell while I tell you the whole story.
When Tai and I got engaged, we bought these rings:
It was important to Tai to get matching rings and since boys miss a lot of the fun in the engagement process I didn't mind him having a ring too. I like our rings, but we knew we were going to have to get new wedding rings.
As an aside, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my engagement ring. I'll either continue to wear it on my right hand or put it on a chain and wear it around my neck. I'm not sure what Tai's going to do with his.
Tai liked our engagement rings, but wished they had some color to them. So in looking for our wedding rings I bought these:From etsy seller ShadeJewelry. Yeah they are tie dyed. They are colorful, but Tai doesn't like them. He doesn't hate them but they aren't what he had in mind. I did show the rings to him before I bought but he didn't give me his honest opinion. So back to the drawing board!
I really like this one:
From Titanium Era. While Tai likes this one:
Also from Titanium Era.
I'm going to keep looking at other options, but I need to order something soon. A month and half til the wedding! I wish we had them right now.


  1. Ooh, those are some gorgeous rings. Especially the blue ones. (I am a blue addict, I can't help it)

    We wound up getting a hand carved ring that is really different and I've never seen anywhere else. Though it did take over 2 months to get in.

  2. tag..and oh, I love the ones with the blue in them!

  3. Could you wear the one that you like, and he wear the one that he likes??? They're very very similar...
    If you want to go the matching route, I think I prefer the one he chose as it is more traditional. But that's just me. You two are the ones wearing them, so get one that makes you happy!

  4. I second what Riley said - the two rings are similar enough, it doesn't really matter if they match exactly, does it? So you wear the one with the single blue stripe that you like, and he can get the one with the double stripe that he likes.

    For the record, my ring is platinum and Dave's is titanium. Nowhere even close to matching. So if the matchy thing is important to you, that's cool, that's just not the way we went.

  5. My fiance loves the double striped blue one too! We just picked out our rings tonight, and I showed him that one! We came *this* close to getting him that one, until he decided he wants the white gold- so it can be fitted later, refinished, etc. Too bad cause that one is awesome and is sooo much cheaper!! His isn't bad though, looks nice, and he's happy! That's what matters, right?! They've gotta wear it FOREVER!! :o)


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