Monday, June 30, 2008

Me and the Girls, getting down.

Saturday night was my bachelorette party. Marta and Ashley put together exactly what I wanted. Since I'm old now I didn't think that going out clubbing was going to be the best idea. Besides a lot of my friends have little ones and can't be out late any more. So I decided that bowling would be the best idea.
The bowling alley I like has rock and bowl. They turn down the lights and turn up the music. I love bowling so this is what I wanted to do.
Beforehand, some of us met for dinner at the Purple Cafe. Kris thought the waiter was cute so she made me take a picture with him:Unfortunately you can't see all the cool tattoos he had on his arms. I also got a complementary creme brulee dessert. It was yummy.
Here's a picture of me and some of the girls:Front row: Jen, me, and Marta. In the back, from left to right Cindy, Ashley, Janet and Kris. It was incredibly hot yesterday which is why we are all a little shiny. Do you like my top? Kris bought it for me. I didn't know what to wear, so she went out and found me this top. Which was so pretty. She's such a good friend!
Then we headed over to the bowling alley and had some fun there.I love that our waitress had bunny ears on. She was tickled that I was celebrating my bachelorette there. That's Lori in the middle. I've known here since I was 3 years old.
I really didn't think Marta would buy me the a penis cake. It was pretty funny.
This was after a few drinks. Erin is getting married in August. Her bachelorette's in Vegas the weekend before my wedding. I can't wait to hear the stories from that one.
Me and Kris. She made sure I safely got to the party! She's getting married next year! I cannot wait for her wedding. Marta (Maid of Honor) and me. Marta made me wear the sash although it wasn't really made for a plus size gal. She's been such a good maid of honor. I couldn't have asked a better person to be in my wedding!Ashley (Matron of Honor) and me. I was so glad she was able to stay all night. Her littlest one is still breastfeeding and she thought she might have to leave early. Ashley's such a calming force. I know that I'll be calling her over the next couple of weeks, needing her to help me calm down. I can't imagine life without Ashley!
I think those are the tame pictures I can show you. Some of the girls brought me some lingerie and other naughty accessories. It was such a good time. We had so much fun, but I cannot believe that the wedding is coming up in less than 3 weeks! Everyone kept saying that they'll see me at the wedding. I'm like no, I'll see you before that. They were like no, probably not. It seems like time is flying so quickly now.


  1. Looks like funa dn looks like you have a lot of love surrounding you! Congrats!

  2. Bowling sounds like a ton of fun. We used to bowl with the black lights and music cranked up in high school all the time.

  3. Oh wow!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! I love that you're smiling from ear-to-ear in every picture. And quit with the "I'm old"! Just because you've outgrown places where you dance to really loud "thumpy" music doesn't mean you're old!! ;)

    I love your shirt, by the way. It's a great color on you!

    Sorry to hear about the tendinitis. And really, who would wear that brace to their wedding???? Unless it didn't come off, I bet even the doctor would take it off!

  4. You're not that old because you don't quiver with anxiety at the thought of missing your 10 p.m. bedtime, which is what I do. And why I flaked out on bowling. But dinner was great, it was so much fun to see you guys.

    I can't believe you got a penis cake either. Wow. That's too funny.

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