Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Put A Bottle of Wine and a Pair of Scissors in a Plastic Bag

Saturday night I went to Jen's to work on my favor tags while we watched chick flicks. I threw all my paper products, all my tools, the movies, and a bottle of wine in a plastic bag and headed to Jen's. When I got to Jen's I grabbed the bag, rip! All the stuff came tumbling out, onto the pavement and crash there went the bottle. All my stuff got completely soaked. I decided the scissors were the culprit.
But despite that and forgetting half the stuff I needed, I got the tags done. I finally found a 2 1/2" round punch. Then I used a 3" template that I had with the Creative Memories cutting tool. I've had that cutting tool forever and I really like it.
I also bought a new eyelet setting tool. It's the first time I used it and the first time I ever used eyelets. It was pretty easy but the glue made the paper wet and it was hard to punch. So I had to wait a little bit before punching. I had a few of the favors with me so I was able to complete a few. So here's one completed:Sorry it's a little blurry but you get the idea. I have to finish tying the rest of them this week. Then I'll be able to cross them off completely. Yea!

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  1. That sucks. I had that happen once too, though it was with a bottle of sparkling grape juice (as we like to call it fake booze).

    The thing was so heavy it just ripped right through the plastic bag and crashed onto some cement right outside the door.


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