Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bustle, Bustle Who's Got the Bustle

I was talking to my coworker (who used to be a seamstress) and another coworker (who claimed to be a wedding expert) about my dress. I was explaining the minor alterations that I need. I said my dress had a train that I wanted to have lopped off.And both of them looked at me in horror. Both recommended a bustle, but neither of them could decide on a bustle I should choose. So off I went to research bustles.This Austrian bustle found here. I like this one but I think it's a little too much for my dress.
Knottie Graceface. I love this one. I wish I could find a brooch for this. My mom doesn't seem to have any appropriate brooches. She preferred enamel jewelry.
From RJT Photography. I like the little bubble this one has to it. But again maybe too much.
Found here. I wish my train had such detail. But I think this is what I'm going to go for.
How did you find your bustle?


  1. I was pretty limited in my options for the bustle bc of the mermaid shape of my dress and the length of the train... my seamstress recommended the 'over' bustle as pretty much my only option!

    but i have always preferred the French bustle that creates the tiers in the back...

  2. ooh thanks for this post! I was just talking about bustles with my friend last night and I had no idea where to start. I love the last one.

  3. Honestly, I just let my seamstress pick an appropriate bustle. In the end, I was satisfied but not particularly happy with her choice because I thought it looked a little off. My dress had some decorative gathers with rosettes that would have made fab bustle points, but she didn't make use of them.


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