Thursday, June 5, 2008

Must Take Photos: The Guys

Continuing in my mini-series of must takes, I'm focusing on the men today. The groom and his groomsmen.
From PhotoMuse. I love this. We have a lot of trails at the park. A little less tree lined and a little more shrub and fauna lined.
From knottie Rsweetpea. I love photos that show people's personalities. I can definitely see Tai and the boys doing some very silly things.
From Joe & Jill. A simple photograph shows how close these guys are.
From Maurice Photo. Men toasting. I know there will be some aged whiskey (shh!). Unfortunately that's not Tai's drink of choice. I hope they leave me some! :)
From Whitebox Weddings. I'm considering buying some cigars for the guys. I think they'll enjoy them.

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  1. I like the first one. That could easily be translated for a downtown street, which is where our venue is.
    This is a really cool series!


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