Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Old, New,Blue & Borrowed

Ok, now I have everything for this post and I took pictures for it so here we go.
I pleaded with my aunts (Dad's sisters) for them to let me borrow something for the wedding. One aunt graciously provided me this:My grandmother's purse. It's much more sparkly in person than in this dull picture. It's not only something old but something borrowed since I'll be sending it back to my aunt after the wedding. I'm so excited. This aunt won't be able to make it to the wedding so I'll have a little piece of her with me. And it's a piece of my grandma who is no longer with us. I'm planning on carrying this down the aisle and not a bouquet.
For my something blue I bought these a looong time ago (soon after we were engaged):
I knew I wanted to wear flip flops. Hello? July, it should be warm. And I wanted something blue (ok aqua) and sparkly. I love them. And they are new so the qualify for that too.
And I bought when from Kris' mom which I was going to use for my something blue and new. I still plan to wear it. It's so pretty. I wanna wear it now!
Are you planning on following this tradition? If so what are you wearing?


  1. The necklace is really pretty.

    I have pulled of the something blue quite easily -- I can't help my love affair with blue -- it's all the others I'm a bit in the mix about.

    I did have a slip of ribbon donated from my fiance's grandmothers dress that can be my old, and maybe I'll borrow a watch or something. I can't imagine going a day without a watch.

  2. Love the bag. I think I will start harassing my relatives to find items like that. Love the significance behind it.

  3. Hmmm... My sister carried some lace in her bouquet wrap that was from my grandmother's dress- I will probably do the same. Something new = my dress and my shoes
    Something borrowed = no clue yet
    Something blue = I would like to stitch our initials into my dress with blue thread.

  4. Um, HELLO! Your clutch is precious! I think the something old is always the most sentimental one, how could it not be? :) Sounds like you're plugging away!

  5. I love the fact that you have so much blue!! I really think that I might have to steal your idea of blue flip flops! I am really hating the shoes that I've got! They're comfy, but just don't say to me "Hey, I'm the shoes you should get married in!"

    My something blue (so far!!) is the blue tulle we added to the V in my dress that already had white tulle peeking out, and my garter has a blue ribbon. The borrowed is my dress, and new will probably be my shoes! I have no idea about the old yet! Wish I could come up with something unique like you!

  6. I forgot to ask where your flip flops are from??!

  7. Thanks!! We don't have a Nordsroms in Nashville, but its my MoH's home away from home in NC (haha), and I'm going there tomorrow!!


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