Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check off the photographer!

I forgot to mention that we booked (and sent the deposit) to our photographer. Yea!
When I started looking for a photographer I had a hard time finding someone we could afford and took great photos. Seattle has a lot of great wedding photographers. And I looked over their packages and found that they were too expensive what I wanted. Basically all I wanted was all day coverage and discs of the photos when it was all over. No albums, no retouching, nothing fancy. I found a lot of new photographers who were willing to do this for a very minimal price but I wasn't fond of their photos.
I branched out and started looking at photographers who didn't shoot just weddings. I found some more very expensive (and rightly so) photographers. And then I found Andrew. I liked his style. He's a photojournalist by nature. He used to work for newspapers. He's used to taking photos on the fly and capturing the moment. That's what I wanted. Someone to document the day. Nothing posed, just real action.
I met with Andrew a couple of weeks ago and he showed me some recent pictures he'd taken at event. You could feel the emotion on people's faces and how real and live those people looked. Andrew is a seriously good photographer. I'm really excited to be working with him.
I didn't ask him if I could share some of him pictures here, so I'll direct you to his website if you'd like to learn more about our fabulous wedding photographer, Andrew.
I know people from around the world read my little blog (Thanks Google Analytics) so I have to share another photographer who unfortunately is not in my neck of the woods. If you are getting married in the Cuyahoga Falls area of Ohio, check out Noble Images. I went to college with Dani and Jayson and they are wonderful people. If I had a million dollars I would fly them out to shoot my wedding. Serious gorgeous photos.

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