Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yummy Mushrooms

I haven't blogged about food in a while. Now, don't think I haven't been cooking. I have but nothing worth talking about. I might make some of those dishes again, but I need to tweak the recipes. Like today's recipe. Today's recipe was a first time event. I've been craving cream of mushroom soup. So I set out to find a dairy free cream of mushroom soup:I found the recipe here. I substituted chicken stock for the vegetable stock. I didn't have enough onion so I used a combo of red and green onion. As you can see I saved the green ends and used it as garnish. I'm getting fancy.
We liked it, but Tai thought it should be creamier. So, I'll make it again and try to make it creamier. We're thinking more mushrooms, more onion, and more garlic.
I also used my new toy:M brought me this food chopper and scoop. I liked the fact I could scoop the food after I cut it but I don't think it did a good job chopping. Especially the green onions. They were a little slippery and got mushed more than chopped. I think it will work well with carrots, potatoes, or cucumbers. More big, solid veggies.
I hope to have a few food posts this week, but we'll see. No promises.

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