Thursday, January 10, 2008

If I had a million dollars...

And I was single I would shop at Anthropologie all the time. I can't fit into their clothes nor afford them at this time, but I love their home stuff. For example:But this is certainly what kinds of things I would want in my home if I could shop at Anthropologie and if Tai didn't care about what we had in the house. Now those white latte bowls in the center are on our registry because I actually saw them at the store. They are so adorable! Although I'm more likely to use them for cereal and soup than for lattes. I also think I could get away with those plates on the bottom right. Tai does like that color, but I was really leaning toward white plates. I figure with white plates if they break or stain we can easily replace one or two.
But sadly I don't have a million dollars so I can't afford these beautiful things from Anthropologie and Tai really wouldn't be happy with that blue couch on the bottom left. It looks more uncomfortable than the couch we currently have. We are much more Target people:In fact I could see us buying these things and I could actually see them in our apartment. Honestly we don't own a thing from this picture. I don't know about those couches though. I'm not sure if they are comfortable. I want couches like Pat and Jen have. I don't know where they got them but they are so cozy. They have a microfiber cover. I want microfiber fabric! Our couch certainly isn't cozy! I think some of these lovely things from Target or perhaps some of things from Anthropologie will wind up on our registry.

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