Monday, January 28, 2008

Take a Seat

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to Erin (she's getting married the month after I am. Yea!) and we were discussing chairs. Originally we were going to have chairs for the ceremony. But after we wrote the ceremony and it's a ten minute ceremony tops, I decided perhaps we didn't need chairs. Erin agreed, people could stand for 15 minutes. I thought I should get a chair or two for my dad (he can be unsteady on his feet) and a few of the older guests. But everyone else could stand. Plus it would save us about $100 on chair rentals.
But when I talked to Tai he was less than thrilled with that idea. He thinks that people will get there early and need a place to sit. Plus if my dad and a few other guests get chairs, Tai thought other guests would be upset. If we could get chairs for a few then we should have chairs for everyone. Plus he didn't think a $100 would be that big a deal.
On a side note, Dad told me that he could do without a chair. He said he really didn't need one. He could stand. Isn't he great?
Ok, here are some ideas that I stole from the knot:I'm leaning towards the natural colored chairs rather than white. I would love to have benches but I can't find a rental company that has them. I love the two flower urns on the bottom left one. We won't have any aisle runner. I think someone could trip on it and I don't see any point. We also don't want any sort of alter. I didn't want a unity candle or any sort of ritual like that. Tai did want a wine ceremony but when he realized we'd have to get a table out there and decorated it (oh the horror!), he rethought that. If he changes his mind that won't be hard to do.

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