Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pretty Flowers

I spent the last couple of hours looking for bouquets. I don't think I'm going to carry a bouquet. I'll only be holding it for a few minutes. But I know M and A have to hold something. It's awkward to be standing up there with nothing. But I can't find anything I like. As we know I don't really like flowers. So I'm looking for anything but the traditional flowers.
From Martha Stewart. I think this is the kind of bouquet I could carry. I also think it would look really good in pictures.Here's a smaller version of the same bouquet. I think there sound be more trailing down.
But now I have visions of magnolias. I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate my mom into the wedding. She grew up in the Magnolia part of Houston.Sadly I think magnolias are out of season during July. So expensive is not good. But I could get them in silk. Still haven't decided if I want silk or fresh. If I went with greenery, like the ivy, I would go with fresh. That makes more sense than silk. I don't know. I really like the magnolias now.
I'm hoping to meet with the florist at Whole Foods one of these days. The last time I was there no one was there. I think they have a pretty good floral selection. Besides they are pretty close to the site so I think it's a logical choice. Can you tell I love Whole Foods?

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