Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Lanterns!

Yes, more lanterns. You people are going to be sorry that I decided on lanterns. I get excited when I find more. In fact when I came home with the latest stash I told Tai I hit the lantern jackpot. He decided that I couldn't say that.
But this was the most I found at any one place. I found this selection at a thrift shop. My dad was impressed but not my honey. Although he was pretty happy I found more. Woo Hoo. I now have 12! Only 58 more to go. You'll notice that another Ikea lantern made it's way into to my grouping. I figure one more might not hurt. I really like the wooden one in the middle. I hope to find more wooden ones and more oval ones too.
We bought this baskets at Safeway of all places. The best thing was they all three were about$4 for all three together! I don't know what I'm going to use them for. I was thinking of using the round ones for napkins. But I couldn't let that deal go!Tai and I love these TicTac Silvers. We like the orange better but I got a good deal on 8 boxes from a girl on Craigslist. 8 unopened boxes for like $5. I figure I'll the orange ones at Costco. Costco where all the yummy things are!
Ok, that's enough wedding show and tell tonight. I hope to have more soon.

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  1. I love lanterns too! I took the easy way out and bought them for the cocktail tables. My photog got some great shots of them! Have fun planning! Can't wait to see the end result!


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