Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obsession: Buckets!

I have a serious obsession with galvanized buckets. It all started with this bucket here. Stolen from Mrs Strawberry on the WeddingBee. I saw bucket very early in the planning. Perhaps even before we were engaged. I thought it was terribly adorable. And I wanted it! But not in pink. I love galvanized buckets. That's really the theme I want. Buckets!
But what to put in the buckets. Back to the whole flower problem. Sigh. I do want buckets for the drinks though. Tai thinks we can just use coolers, but I rather have them displayed in buckets.
Here are the buckets I've purchased so far:I'm thinking I might mix the buckets and lanterns. Especially the small buckets. I think little daisies or even roses might look good. But not cream. I think that will look a little too bland. What do you think? A soft pink?
Oh that long copper bucket? I think that will use it for cards. I'll make a sign for it.

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