Friday, February 1, 2008

Damn you Google Reader!

Every morning when I go to work, I have a schedule. I check my email and my work email. Then I turn on necessary work programs. Once I have those set up, I check the multitude of blogs that I read daily. Until recently. I read about Google Reader on Jessica's blog. I kind of put on the back burner. I was using Technorati but it didn't update the blogs fast enough. I would still have to check each site. I didn't mind. It took a lot of time to look at each site. I have plenty of time to look.
I decided to check out Google Reader. I liked the idea of being able to see all the blogs on one page. I also liked that it automatically updated when the blogs were updated. No more needing to go back to each blog and see if it had been updated since the last time I looked (sometimes within the hour).
But that also meant I didn't have to look at each blog multiple times. This has saved me about 2 hours a day of blog checking!
What the hell am I'm doing with those 2 hours? Especially since most of that time is at work. And don't say work?
I've been looking for new blogs to add, spending more time on the knot looking at bios. I have more bios to share with you all. I enjoy seeing what other brides have done. I especially like looking at all the happy couples.
Seriously Google Reader rocks. It's so simple and efficient. If you are reading more than a few blogs you might want to look into Google Reader. You will have to spend some time loading your blogs in but it doesn't take long and it's very easy to do.


  1. Oh! I have to get on Google Reader! I looked at it briefly but didn't really take the time to read what it actually was for. Thanks for the scoop!

  2. yay! Im glad that you like it! it's SUCH a time saver!!


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