Tuesday, February 19, 2008


According to the knot, it’s 150 days til the wedding. I can’t believe we’re down to that many already. It feels like yesterday when we were over 300 days. My little counter moved so slowly. But now it’s going to move faster. I was thinking that 140 days is only 10 days from today-February 29. And 120 days is March 20th! See how fast everything moves after 150?

So I thought I’d update everyone on where we are and what’s coming up.


  1. The venue. I need to make another trip out there and measure the barn and count the number of tables there. Dad wants to go and see it too. I think we’ll make a field trip out of it.
  2. The photographer. He called a few weeks ago to touch base. Too bad I was in a foul mood otherwise I would have gone over some stuff with him.
  3. The caterer. I can’t wait to eat our yummy salmon!
  4. The guy’s clothing. I sent Tai and Jamie’s measurements to Jeff over the weekend. Hopefully he’ll order them soon so they guys can have them by May (?).
  5. Bridesmaids’ outfits. Marta and Ashley have their dresses and they are looking for shoes.
  6. My dress. You already know about that.
  7. Drinks for reception. We lucked out and bought 36 cases of Jones soda (cola, diet cola, and lemon lime) for $38! Our local QFC was having one hell of a sale. We’ll also buy water and juice at Costco before the wedding.

In Process:

  1. The invitations. This weekend my wonderful fiancĂ© gave me an out. Since we “saved” money on the caterer I didn’t have to make my own invitations. We could have them done. I’m kind of torn about this. It’ll save me a lot of time and effort. Time I could spend with Tai and effort that I could concentrate elsewhere. But I kind of had it my head to make them. I want to make them. We still don’t have the budget for letterpress. I still am wavering on my decision.
  2. The florist. I have an appointment this Saturday to meet with the florist at Whole Foods to see if they can do our flowers. I’m pretty excited to have checked off.
  3. The favors. I have about half of them bought. I need to make tags which shouldn’t be too bad especially if I don’t make the invites.
  4. The desserts. We’re not having cake but I don’t think we made a final decision on this.
  5. Centerpieces. Finish finding lanterns. I almost have enough. Get more buckets for flowers. Buy more silk flowers.

Left to do:

  1. Rentals of tables and chairs. I have a couple of places to call. I want to go out and count the tables there first.
  2. Buy our rings. We picked them out. I just have to order them.
  3. Plan rehearsal dinner. My original plan isn’t going to work. Boo!
  4. Find shoes!
  5. Reserve town car for Dad and myself. I’ll probably do this closer to the date.
  6. Buy a tent and inflatable bed.

Most of the stuff I have left to do is making calls and placing deposits. I hope to have the first 2 done by this time in March (120!) and the other things will hopefully just get done by the end of June. I really want to have those last couple of weeks to relax. My plan is to have everything done by July 1. If I need to do small things, that’s ok. But I don’t want to be finishing the centerpieces the night before.

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  1. OH CONGRATS LINDA! I'm soo excited for you that your days is coming up! 150 days still seems like a distance away, it's the 100 day mark that you have to do a double take on the countdown! :)

    Sounds like you got everything under control! Hooray!


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