Monday, February 25, 2008

A DIY Flower Project

First off, thank you to everyone who commented about the invitations. Thank you for all your support! I just reviewed the proof for the invites. They'll be mailed to me in few days!
So I started my next DIY project. Flower buckets for the centerpieces. Honestly I wasn't sure if I could do this. I've never done flower arranging. I had no idea what to expect.
I went to Joann's and bought a shitload of fake flowers and green floral foam. I cut the foam and fit to the inside of the buckets. Then stuck the flowers in. Voila!
The first bucket is cream Ranunculus (sadly the closest I might come to ranuculus since they are out of season in July), light green hydrangeas (the fresh ones are too fragile for bouquets says the florist) in the tall bucket, and the pussy willows in the last bucket. I need one more bunch in the ranunculus bucket and one more bunch in the hydrangea bucket. Tai was pretty impressed. He thought they were real.
I have some more flowers but the buckets I have aren't tall enough. So I have to cut down the flowers. I broke my favorite wire cutters trying to cut the stems. Dad has heavy duty cutters he'll loan me.
So this DIY project does not have me in fits. I think I can do this one. Yeah me!


  1. The flowers photograph well and look great. Yay for a DIY project that is doable!

  2. sThose look really neat! It's surprising to put things together and realize how easy it was and how nice it looks, isn't it?

    I have the same issue with peonies. I figured since peonies are all over my area in late June that they'd be available in mid-May. I was wrong. Nobody sells them until late May at the earliest! I settled for artificial because they really didn't look that bad. It's possible that only a few people will even know that they're fake.. and the rest would be surprised to find out :)

    I really really love the flowers in the buckets though. I'm thinking about something like that.. peonies or roses in baskets, since I have all those little baskets decorated.

    - Tiffany /


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