Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Floral Inspiration

In order to not sound like a complete idiot when I meet with the florist on Saturday I've been trying to come up with ideas. I think I'm narrowed it down for bouquets.I like this without the roses and with light green hydrangeas.
This is the color I'm looking for but I like the leaves around the outside like the one on top.

Or I could go with peonies. I really like this bunch here.
I like this is fuller, but probably more expensive.

I really like how the leaves go all the way around. I think those are mint leaves-ooohh. These are ranunculus. I these the other day when I passing through Whole Foods.

I really like the idea of all one flower. I think it looks more elegant. Wish me luck tomorrow. Hopefully I can cross florist off my list!


  1. I really love the third bouquet. It is so simple and beautiful. I've also been gravitating towards a white or cream flower with lots of greens.

  2. the peonies are beautiful! just make sure you aren't allergic to fragrant flowers.


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