Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Calla Lilly Wedding?

I met with a florist on Saturday. I kind of hoped this would be THE florist so I could check that off the list. Thankfully, I asked on my knottie board about the flowers I wanted to have in the bouquets-peonies, ranunculus and hydrangeas. The other knotties told me that ranunculus and peonies are out of season in July. The florist confirmed this. And hydrangeas wilt quickly in the July heat. He did not recommend any of the flowers I wanted. He did recommend calla lillies:
He said they would hold up well without water and using just a few would create a more elegant statement. He also said that he could make 3 bouquets and 6 bouts for less than $200. In talking to my friend Janet, I think he either misunderstood me (less than $200 for my bouquet) or he just wanted to make a sale. Either way, it might not matter. Mr Florist said he would get back to me today about costs. He has not. I'm giving him til Thursday before I start searching for another florist. He was kind of odd and a little rude when I showed up for my appointment which he totally forgot about. His customer service skills leave me unimpressed. Which would be the reason for me to find another florist.
Oh, and I'm not sure about the calla lilies. Perhaps another kind of lily would be ok. Any ideas?


  1. we are in the same boat on this one! i am super disappointed that all my favorite flowers are out of season in july.

    i found this link taht has a few pretty flowers it says are in season for july- not sure about your region though but definitely worth looking into. sweetpea, lisianthus, freesia, and lilies are pretty mixed with roses... (seems like might be your style based on what you had mentioned wanting???)

    here is the link: http://www.blissweddings.com/library/floralssn.asp

  2. Boo for rude vendors! Good luck finding who and what you want!


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