Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Flower Ideas

I'm so glad Tara sent me the link to a website that lists flowers available by season. It's been very helpful in trying to decide what flowers I can have at the wedding.
So I decided to see what some of these flowers look like in bouquets.
First we have sweetpeas:
Pretty and simple. I really like the bouquet on the bottom right. But maybe instead of purple flowers I could have some leaves.
Then there's dahlias. Very simple and nothing says summer to me like dahlias. They make the bouquet look so full.
Then there's carnations. I know most people hate them but they are my birth flower. I love the bottom right bouquet. Yea for Martha Stewart!
What do you think of these choices? Are there some I overlooked?


  1. i think the ones you picked out of the list are really pretty... you do combos or use them by themselves! I personally think that lisianthus are a really pretty accent flower...

    glad the link was helpful!

  2. oops- forgot 'could'... as in 'you could do combos'...

  3. Ooh! Thanks for the link to the website!

  4. Hi,
    I edit Flower Blog and recently wrote about a colleague's wedding. She had very simple but striking flowers -- might give you some ideas -- photos are at:'s-creativity-into-full-bloom.aspx

  5. I lovvvve carnations when a LOT of them are used! And I love dahlias. Those are the two flowers we're using for all of our decor. The dahlias come in so many beautiful deep colors... I also really like Bells of Ireland on their own. Very striking.


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