Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inspiration Stolen from Other People!

Since I have tons of free time at work, I've been looking at knot bios and saving my favorites. There are lots of knotties who's bios get much love, but there are tons that don't. I attempt to bring you those that are overlooked.
How adorable is this couple? I freaking love them.They have customized aprons for the cake cutting. I have never seen this before. What a great idea! Tai and I decided we're not doing the cake smashing (we might not have cake. Another post entirely), so we won't need these. I can see the usefulness of these though.
DoingItRightI love me a sassy bride. This was taken at her trash the dress session. She's got a bunch more in her bio if you are looking to do a trash the dress session in an urban setting.
What to do with those engagement photos? Make a collage!
I love the petal aisle and that she got married on concrete. I don't see a lot of weddings on concrete. The petals really stand out on the gray concrete. Plus I love the gazebo in the background. I bet that where most people get married. I like that she choose a little differently.
Hey look lanterns! I love the color combo here. So elegant and beautiful!
MrsPinkAJVSo lucky to have this great vintage car. It's a wonderful idea for a getaway car. I remember one wedding at a historic mansion. There were engraved invitations. The bride wore a very expensive dress. I remember the prime rib and the caviar too. At the end of the night, her and her groom got into a rented Ford Taurus and drove off. I remember thinking why didn't they get a bigger car? Why didn't they use the limo from before? The bride's dress really didn't fit in the car and the groom started shoving it so they could leave. It was pretty funny. We'd all made fun of her dress all night. It almost ate a few small children; It was so big.
Don't let this happen to you. If you are making a big getaway from the reception, find something special! Or wait to everyone's left and go home in your own car.
I love her dress! And it has cap sleeves and I normally hate cap sleeves! Perhaps it's the lace.
Well I hope you find these knottie bios useful. I enjoy seeing what other people have done. But mostly I love how happy they look. No one looks pissed off (or they don't post those in their bio). Everyone looks beautiful and happy. That makes me happy. I hope it makes you happy too.


  1. LOVE those aprons - what a create and cute idea! If my mom hadn't already told me she'd CRY if cake was smashed on me, I'd make us aprons too!

    Thanks for checking out my blog - good luck in finding what you want with your flowers!

  2. Hello! I'm MrsPinkAJV and I randomly found your blog--with photos of me in it :) Glad I could inspire you!!!


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