Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Like Shiny Things

I've been considering what jewelry to wear for the wedding. I have some stuff, but I'm going save most of that for another post. Today I'm going to obsess about earrings.
I was trying to decide on what to do for my something blue. While looking at some astrology information I saw that Tai's birthstone is Aquamarine. Aquamarine is blue so perhaps that will work.

How about these $3500 beauties from Tiffany's? These are way out of my price range but so pretty! These are from Amazon and much more reasonably priced($10), but not what I was looking for.
I definitely like these from Kay Jewelers. On sale right now for $150, I think these would be wearable again.
These are the most reasonably priced that I found, but I don't want a post type earring. Picky, I know. I want something dangle-y especially if I wear my hair up. Oh, these are from Kohls ($40).
I might not need something blue. I bought something and when it arrives I'll post pics plus tell you where it came from.

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