Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Wedding Show and Tell

I've been busy buying lots of wedding related stuff. Let me show you!Yes more buckets. These are so cute and little. I thought these would adorable with a few flowers in them. I'm starting to change my mind about flowers.
I bought these at the Goodwill. I like the green one. It's so cute. I hope I find a couple more.
I found this beautiful antique lamp at Value Village. It's gorgeous. It obviously needs a little cleaning, but it will be fine.
I bought 10 of these from eBay! Yeah for eBay!
I bought these 2 easels. I'm not sure what I'll use them for. I was going to use them for table numbers but I decided I don't want to do that. Perhaps for menu cards.This is the middle sister of the lantern that looks like a bong. I like the shape of this one a lot. I think I bought 3 like this.
And these are the baby sisters of the above lanterns. I bought 6 of these. When I was buying them people asked if I was expecting the power to go out. I tried to explain to the cashier what I was doing (these are for my wedding), but he didn't get it. For the record I explained it to the woman behind me in line who asked about an expected power outage too. And she didn't get it either. I'm beginning to think I'm insane. I thought this was a really interesting bucket. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for but I really like it. Any ideas?
This is why I'm thinking of flowers in the buckets. I bought these fake pussy willows a few months ago. I thought I might use them for the bouquets, but I think I like this. I'll buy floral foam and actually make it look better. This is just a mock-up. I'm thinking a couple of lanterns and a bucket of flowers on each table. What do you think?

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