Friday, February 8, 2008

Help Me Decide!

Again with the flowers! I've come up with 4 choices for the flowers for our wedding day. Here are my choices. The choices that I need your help with.
1. Costco:For $430, I'll get more than I'll get more than we need for the wedding. But the 20 piece set gives us the right number of bouquets and boutonnière .
2. Whole Foods option #1: Go to Whole Food this month or next and actually talk to someone and see if I can order bouquets and boutonnières ahead of time.
3. DIY: Buy silk flowers and make the bouquets and boutonnières myself. I bought stuff to make boutonnières but it proved to daunting for me to do at this time. Perhaps someone can give me some encouragement.
4. Whole Foods option #2: Go to Whole Foods the day of or the day before and grab a few pre-made bouquets and screw the boutonnières.
I think either #1 or #4 are my two favorite choices at this point, but I think I'm just apathetic right now. Perhaps I'll care in a few months. Perhaps I could wait to make this choice. All of choices would be still be possible probably into June, right?
So what do you think? What would you choose?


  1. i thought about going out the day before and attempting to get flowers and make bouquets....but i think there are about 100 other things i would rather do that day. and i dont know where i would store all the bouquets!!

  2. I think I would go with your first option. I think the day before you should spend relaxing if at all possible and not worrying about flowers. Good Luck!


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