Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Check!

For months, the Knot Checklist has been reminding me. You don't have a caterer. See:
Those little exclamation marks mean overdue! For us, finding a caterer was a little daunting. When I first started looking last month, Tai shot down a ton of them. Too expensive, too fu-fu, etc. Plus I had to make sure they were appropriate to our site and to our dietary needs. Sure, Mexican sounds like a good choice, but all the cheese in most Mexican dishes would send Tai to the bathroom all night. An all pasta selection sounds yummy but we have a couple of ceilacs in the bunch-mostly in our wedding party. Dishes that involved dairy or wheat could not be the main focus.
I really wanted some place that would serve grilled meats (chicken, pork, and beef) and have a selection of salads or veggies. I found most places wanted to plate items-grilled chicken with rosemary and rice pilaf. That just didn't make sense to me. I knew a buffet would be the best choice. And most caterers would have cooked the food and dropped it off. There was a possiblity that the food would be cold.
Ok, enough of my bitching. We hired a caterer yesterday. I can now check off that reminder on my knot checklist.
We met with Larry of Larry's Smokehouse. We took Jill and Jamie with us for another opinion. Larry brought out a full plate of food for each of us. We decided on the salmon, lemon chicken, and pulled pork. For sides, there will be coleslaw, cornbread, baked beans, and green beans. The food was delicious. Larry cooks the food right at the site. Nothing will get cold. People can have some of each or just a huge portion of one thing. They have these huge portable grills. They were really accommodating of the food allergies. Plus they bring veggie lasagna for any one who is a vegetarian. I found the price to be reasonable and it definitely fit with in our budget.
When we were leaving Larry handed us these:A bottle of their BBQ sauce and a piece of salmon. He gave one to me and Tai and one to Jill and Jamie. I really feel like they treat you right as a customer. I'm pretty excited to have this checked off.
Now on to the next exclamation point.


  1. Yay! That's exciting news. :)

    I need to do you like the knot? Right after I got engaged, I registered on both the knot and weddingchannel, and for no real reason, I've ended up mostly using the tools on weddingchannel. Just curious. :)


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