Thursday, February 7, 2008


I've been using my free time productively. I decided to try my hand at making inspiration boards. I'm not good at making one for our wedding, so I thought I'd make one for the weddings I'm not having.
When I was younger I was much more girly than I am now. I was downright prissy. And at that time Gone With The Wind was my favorite book. I did like the movie. Actually the costumes. And when I think back to that time and what my wedding would have looked like it would have resembled this:

I wanted a dress like Scarlett's back then. I had a hat like hers at one point. I think it might still be at Dad's house. I think I wanted a wedding dress that looked like that. Very full ball gown with lace and cap sleeves. I wanted a debutante party but sadly I live in the wrong part of the United States for that. I kind of assumed that if I didn't get that dress when I was 16 or 17, I could have it when I get married.
I'm not so girly now. I don't think I'm prissy anymore, but I still can be about certain things. I would if I could pull of a Gone With the Wind wedding? Don't worry, M & A, I don't envision hoop skirts and lace dresses for you too. In my fantasy I am Scarlett.
This might be best as a fantasy.

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