Sunday, February 3, 2008

One Thing Decided

Yesterday, Tai and I were deciding a bunch of wedding things and talking over things we will still have to decide. I pointed out that we were still undecided on like the suits. Tai called a couple of his groomsmen to get their ideas. Two of them had no opinion. But Jeff did. I knew he would. Jeff wears suits to work on almost daily. Jeff knows where to get the best deal and how to look sharp. Tai trusts him.
Based on our colors, Jeff thought the guys should wear electric blue suits.
Um, no.
They decided on chocolate brown suits.
Originally I thought about chocolate brown tuxes, but they didn't look so good. I showed him the khaki suits, but Jeff and Tai didn't think they looked good with our color scheme. Not as good as chocolate brown. Jeff assured Tai that they would look good on everyone and everyone would look sharp.
So I have to get Tai's measurements to Jeff who is going to keep an eye out for a good deal.
I talked to Dad about what he's going to wear. I don't think his suit has to match the guys, so if he would rather wear a different colored suit he can. He was thinking purple.
What characters these guys are! I told Dad to leave his Prince suit at home and think about a different color. I think Dad will let me dress him in whatever color I want. Perhaps he should wear what the other guys are wearing.


  1. Please, please, please let your day wear the purple suit. Even though I haven't met him, I am betting it will look fantastic!!! Hope all is well.

  2. it must feel good to DECIDE! I'm still looking forward to it =o)
    I am back and forth about the boys wearing brown or gray. THIS post is now swaying me to brown. My fiance thanks you!


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