Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Invitation Inspiration

I should be working on our invites right now, but I keep looking for more inspiration. Otherwise known as wasting time.
I went to Paper Zone's Wedding Extravaganza over the weekend to look for more inspiration. I got their wedding catalog which is also available online.
The thing I like about this catalog is most of the invitations are under $2 to make. And I think they are classy and very beautiful. I saw the wedding invitation on the first page on the top left at the wedding show. It's almost perfect! But do away with that red ribbon. Maybe swap green.
These gorgeous invites were stolen from Kenzie Kate. I love the one in the middle. Isn't that bow beautiful? I like the simplicity of the red one. I'm contemplating something to "seal" the gatefold together.
I saw this on shortly after we got engaged. I found this on etsy. Sadly I didn't keep the artist's information and I looked and couldn't find it. I'm sorry!
My idea was to copy the monogram on the top, but I don't think our intials (L & T) look good in lowercase. In fact I think they look too similar and almost indistinguishable. I've let go of that dream. But I like the simplicity of these invites. Etsy is full of great designs for inspiration or to find someone to make them for you!These are from the Anna Griffin Printable Invitation line at MyGatsby. As you can see I'm fond of ribbons. Although I don't think I'll use ribbon to fasten our invites closed. I think I just like the way it looks. But I don't want to tie all those ribbons. I'm horrible at making pretty bows. Plus they are bulky in the envelope.
Alright that's enough invite porn for now. I'll hopefully start working on ours soon.


  1. Hey! I just added you to my google reader. When's your wedding? :)


  2. The invite on the 1st page top left is the one I am thinking of making too!


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