Saturday, January 5, 2008


Perhaps since it's the beginning of the year, I feel like listing my accomplishments rather than focusing on what I have left to do. I find that more motivating than dwelling on the to do list. Plus I don't sound so whinny!
On New Year's Day, Tai and I wrote out our ceremony. Our friends, Herb & Christy, who are officiating the wedding, asked us to have the ceremony done this month. I thought it would better to finish it sooner than later and we really didn't have much to do that day. Christy provided us with their standard wedding which was a pagan handfasting. I wasn't against using it but Tai thought we should find something more personal. I wrote a ceremony a few months ago and Tai green lighted it. But I didn't forwarded it on to Christy. I'm really glad I didn't. I read over it and hated it. What was I thinking?
I bought The Wedding Ceremony Planner by Reverend Judith Johnson. Tai leafed though it til he found something that appealed to him. We went over each part to make sure it fit us and the venue. We edited some of it and incorporated the vows we chose before. Tai read the whole thing aloud. I have to tell you it was so strange to hear the words we're going to say to each other when we get married. I have to tell you. I kind of wish those words would have been a surprise to me.
But I'm glad to have that done and sent off to Christy. They'll look over it and let us know if we need to change or add things. I know they think it's short, but we didn't want anything long and drawn out. We want to get to party!

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