Sunday, January 20, 2008


Greek yogurt. Yum! Although I love the Trader Joe's version, when I'm jonesing for some Greek yogurt any will do. Honey has to be my favorite flavor. I tried pomegranate flavored yesterday for the first time and it wasn't as yummy.


Very funny and cute. I love the Bennie and Jets scene. I have to find out the words to that song. I think I've been singing the wrong lyrics for all these years!

usingI don't think I've expressed my love for my iced tea maker here yet. Pat and Jen had one first. I thought it was the coolest idea ever. I loved going to their house and having sweetened tea whenever I wanted. I longed to have the same thing in my home. But never got around to it. When Tai met Pat and Jen's iced tea maker he was as impressed as I had been. He said he'd want one. So I rushed out and bought one for us and one for Dad. I love having iced tea all the time. I cuts back on the amount of soda and flavored waters that we buy. Plus Tai loves coming up with all different flavors.

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