Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Result of $100

Since my $100 post was so popular (thanks for all your comments), I thought I would show what meals came from it.
Monday night we had yummy pork, spinach, and quinoa:

This is the first time I made quinoa (pronounced Keen-WA). It was very good. I would definitely make it again. It was pretty easy to make. Kind of like rice a roni.
Friday night was swimming rama with homemade peanut sauce and tofu. I plan to make more tofu dishes since we both love tofu and it's a little cheaper and healthier than meat. This peanut sauce recipe was the best peanut sauce I had outside of a restaurant. It's easily customizable. Tai thought there was too much garlic so I added a little more peanut butter, a little more lemon juice, a little sesame oil and it was perfect. Sorry this photo is a little blurry. It was the best one I could get. When I saw this pot roast recipe, I thought that sounds so yummy. I made it once about a week ago and I didn't like it. It came out greasy if you can believe that. I also didn't use thyme but a concoction of other herbs I had in my cupboard. I assumed that's why it wasn't yummy. So I made it again today. Not so yummy again. I added mushrooms this time because I had some laying about. But other than that I stuck to the recipe. But still greasy. Who knows what I'm doing wrong?
For the other days I made bbq pork and hamburgers. Nothing too exciting.
I'll probably go grocery shopping tomorrow so I'll show you what I got then.


  1. I'm assuming you bought enough food to last the week on $100? That's pretty cool.
    The food looks so yummy! It's makeing me hungry. lol.

  2. Man, sorry the pot roast recipe didn't work out, multiple times! I guess I'm not very good at specifying amounts of oil...I usually use about two tablespoons, or enough to lightly coat the bottom of the dish. Maybe the meat was too fatty? I have no idea...I'm not much of a pot roast connoisseur, myself, so I don't know the ins and outs. Maybe I'll refer to Alton Brown and post some additional notes.


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