Saturday, April 19, 2008

3 months!

Today is 3 months til the wedding. Here's my checklist:
1. Suits. Tai still doesn't have his. Jeff is still MIA so he won't helping with the suits. Tai had some dental work that pushed us over budget for this month. Our LA trip blew a huge hole in our budget. I think we'll wait til next pay day to check out the suits.
2. The invites. I want to get Brian's invite out this week. It took almost 2 months for him to get his save the date. This will be our trial run. I have to decide on a font. Perhaps I'll have to mock ups for you later tonight.
3. Alterations on the dress. I need to still do this. I had a dream that I didn't get the dress altered. It fit but it was too short. I tried to take the hem out while I was wearing it before I walked down the aisle.
4. Hair and makeup. I found my lipstick (Delightful by Smashbox), but I still need to decide on the rest of the makeup. I usually wear Bare Essentials but I don't think it provides enough coverage for the big day. I am intrigued by Mrs Peony's post on Weddingbee about La Mer Skin Color. I'll have to check Nordstrom's the next time I'm there. It might be out of my budget though. The hair kind of rests onto the next point.
5. Hotel and transportation. I'd been trying to figure out where to stay. I keep changing my mind. I wanted to stay at the Marriott in the Redmond Town Center. It seems like the closest hotel. But it would be too far from the hotel my aunt and possibly Tai's mom would probably stay at. So I decided that I'll stay at the hotel my aunt choose. On her previous visits she's stayed at the Embassy Suites and Redmond Silver Cloud. That way if we all stay at the same hotel we can all take one car to the ceremony. When we went to LA, I was looking at Shuttle Express and found that they have limos and vans to go to more than just the airport. Prices seem reasonable and I've been pleased with the service.
6. The favors. I know I've never told you what the favors are. That's because it's a surprise. I decided to wait til after the RSVPs are in so I don't buy too many. I'll do the favor tags over the Memorial Day weekend.
7. Finish complying the music for the ceremony and the reception. I've gotten a pretty good start on this. Tai and I will have to go over what we have so far.
8. Rehearsal dinner. I'll send out the invites the month before. It's going to be pretty casual.
What else am I missing?

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