Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shake Your Booty Time!

Over the weekend, Tai and I went over the music for the reception. I played him what I had already put on our playlist. He vetoed some songs. He thought we should lose the songs with profanity. So we did for the most part. I need some more slow songs and I have more music at my dad's but here's what I've got so far:
Click to enlarge. This is about 7 hours worth of music. More than we need but I want to have some choice and variety. I plan to add Wonderful Tonight by Clapton and You Spin Me Around by Dead Or Alive. Did I miss anything?


  1. I can't believe you're having "WHOMP (there it is)" at your reception!!! What's scary is that I know all the words to that song from when I was in high school! ;-) Love it!

    Looks like you've got quite the selection. I'm with your fiancee though, I would stay away from songs with profanity in them.... IMHO.

  2. Hey, so nice to know you have a blog. I am sooo bookmarking you!

    I'm less shocked at "WHOOMP (there it is)" because it's kind of a party song, and a little more surprised at "Firestarter." Just because there are going to be old people and parents and stuff at your wedding, and I just can't imagine how the Prodigy goes with the senior citizen crowd.

    Since you said you need more slow songs, here are some that you may or may not like:
    * "Let's Stay Together" - Al Green
    * "All I Want is You" - U2
    * "God Only Knows" - Beach Boys
    * "By Your Side" - Sade

    If you want power ballads, I'd recommend "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", "Love Bites," "Heaven" (the Warrant version, not Bryan Adams, although you know, whichever), "Sister Christian," "Faithfully" (oh yeah, gotta have some Journey), "The Search Is Over," "I Want to Know What Love Is"... man, there's a ton of 'em. I could go on & on. :-)


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