Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Wedding Idea #2

When I was in high school the whole grunge scene took off and all my classmates were headed to the nearest Goodwill. But I was already there. When I was a kid my mom used to recycle my old clothes at a local consignment store. She would replace my old gently used clothes with new gently used clothes. I have fond memories of that little shop. Sigh.
So the Goodwill and thrift shop shopping has never been new to me. I remember when I hit junior high and my parents gave me an allowance. Sure, I wanted to spend every last cent at Esprit, but I knew that I could get more clothes at a thrift shop.
I swear that's the best thing you can teach your kids. You can put together an outfit with clothes from anywhere.
But Goodwill and other thrift stores have been a lifesaver in wedding planning and also a good way to recycle! No sense buying 15 new baskets when you can buy some gently used ones for less! What do you think people do with all those vases, baskets, pew buckets after a wedding? They either sell it or donate it.
Not only are you recycling but you could also be helping out a good cause.
To find a Goodwill near you, go here. Or to buy online from the Goodwill, go here.
To find other thrift stores near you, go here. Also check it out for a wide range of information on thrift store shopping.
For online thrift shopping goodness, check out eBay. Here you can find everything you need for the wedding and beyond! I bought my dress on eBay (both of them!), our engagement rings, 10 lanterns, and some of the tea light candles. There's probably more but I'm forgetting them.
Craigslist can also be a wealth of second hand goodies. There's even a special forum for brides selling goods here. But you can also search the for sale category for people selling dresses, rings, and assorted decorations. I bought ribbon and mints from a bride I found on Craigslist.
On The Nest, there is a board devoted to brides casting off items after their wedding. But occasionally, you'll find a bride who bought 15 table clothes in green but now decided she wants raspberry. Or you might find a bride who's off loading everything because of a canceled wedding or because of a complete overhaul. You'll also find knotties selling items on their local or national boards. I occasionally search the national boards (or other local boards besides my own) for items for sale, but it's time consuming. I've purchased buckets, ribbon, and jewelry from knotties.
The Brides List is something that I look at occasionally. It's not updated frequently so you may come across something you love that's been sold 7 months ago.
If you are still looking for a dress, consider going to a Brides Against Breast Cancer event. Many of these dresses are gently used. Also consider donating your dress after the fact. It's a wonderful way to support breast cancer research! To find out more or find an event near you, go here.
Do you have a favorite site or store that you would recommend?


  1. Hi Linda,
    I love your ideas for putting together a "green wedding!" Your ideas are practical and obtainable to everyone which is great.

    I have never heard of Brides Against Breast Cancer and think that is such a wonderful idea for brides and for those suffering from breast cancer. I have found a site, All Wired Up Jewelry, that offers a really pretty pink pendant and proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They have a neat necklace that can be converted in many ways so it would be great for a wedding day and beyond.

    Good luck with the wedding and thanks for the ideas!

  2. Weddingbee has a decent classified section!

  3. Great ideas, Linda! I'm glad you commented on my blog because it helped me find yours! Love finding new wedding blogs!!

    The Fabules Bride


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