Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ok, so I decided to look at some fonts for the envelopes. Yes, I'm going to print out envelopes. Not going to hand write them or get a calligrapher. So help me choose!
How about Freebooter Script?
Or what about Richard Murray?
Or Noodle Script?

Or what about Paul Maul?
I'm looking for something that looks handwritten. But the freebooter script is maybe more traditional but maybe too much?Right now I'm leaning towards the Paul Maul or Richard Murray. But what do you think?
Oh, all fonts found on!


  1. I like noodle script the best. And I will not be wasting ridiculous amounts of money or time handwriting or calligraphying my envelopes. The invitation and picture inside should be gorgeous enough that no one will notice.

  2. that first one is pretty... but I think i like the last one best... especially for addresses...

  3. I think you should pick one that fits the style of the wedding... the first is really pretty but might be a bit too classic. Your wedding seems much more fun! Richard Murray is really cool.

  4. Try Mahogany or Licorice from Those are my favorite handwritten-looking fonts.

  5. 1. I like Freebooter.
    2. You've been tagged.

  6. I like the Paul Wall - but I think that Noodle Script is nice and fancy. I think it all depends on the invites themselves and perhaps the script font you used on your invites would work well? Would Wedding Paper Divas tell you which is was? I would match them.

    Oh and - tag you're it!

  7. Richard Murray seems to have a real "Seattle" feel to it--elegant yet understated and casual at the same time. I'm picturing it as the font of choice for a menu at a Post Alley restaurant, or the sign in the window of a boutique...


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