Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Shoes!

Dad and I stopped at the mall to pick up Mom's birthday cards and presents. While we were there I noticed that Aerosoles had some cute new white shoes. White shoes really aren't my thing but I know some brides out there are looking for cute white shoes, so I came home to look at their selection online (I was pushing Dad's time limit on the mall trip anyway).
Amusement Park $79Far Out $89.Trap Door $79.Wholesome $59.
So other than having some of the worst named shoes I've ever seen, they are cute and totally affordable. I might go back and try these on:

Vanilla Bean $69. I could wear those to work!


  1. I really like the far out ones!

  2. You really should check out Chinese Laundry for wedding shoes. They look great and the money you save can be spent on upgrading your honeymoon suite. Or your champaigne.


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